About us

We are a group of hotels with properties in total renovation and creation of new concepts, which stand out for their privileged locations on the beach and in the city. We seek to create a community of guests, artists, artisans and collaborators to contribute to unleashing your creativity and integral development, ensuring that you fully live a present through experiences that transcend.


We stand out for our innovation, social awareness and commitment of our employees to leave a mark. We generate opportunities for guests to connect with themselves, with their loved ones, with the cultural richness of Mexico and with nature, creating spaces, experiences and details aimed at living the best version of your present.
Beatriz Tinajero, CEO BF Hotels


Destacamos por nuestra innovación, conciencia social y compromiso de nuestros colaboradores en dejar una huella. Generamos oportunidades para que los huéspedes se conecten con sí mismos, con sus seres queridos, con la riqueza cultural de México y con la naturaleza, creando espacios, experiencias y detalles encaminados a que vivas la mejor versión de tu presente.
Beatriz Tinajero, CEO Hoteles BF

Social Responsibility

At BF Hotels we are proud of the enormous and diverse cultural heritage, indigenous and Spanish, of our Mexico. An important part of this heritage is the variety of handicrafts, expression of many Mexican traditions from the pre-Hispanic past, enriched in the colonial era and preserved through time.

Celebrating the creativity and talent of Mexican artists and artisans, we want to do our bit for the prosperity of our community and for this reason, we incorporate this social project into our work through which we bring you pieces from this rich and colorful world. of popular art from the different regions of the country.

Support for artisans

Women & amp; men who skillfully weave pine needle, palm leaf or henequen fiber to create original jewelery boxes or bags that praise us; potters who masterfully make pieces that are useful and decorate our home; men and women who make dresses, shawls and rugs on looms, using the ingenuity of pre-Columbian cultures together with the experience of Europeans. Entire families that for centuries have dedicated themselves to popular art, transmitting their knowledge between generations. All of them are also part of the BF Hotels community.

If you want to participate and support, we invite you to leave your mark in Mexico.

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