Meeting Rooms
at Hotel Ixtapa

To host a successful event, it is essential to choose a truly special venue, where the purpose of the gathering is as important as ensuring all guests take home the best of memories, whether it’s an incentive trip for employees and executives or a conference and convention.

Our hotel on El Palmar Beach offers versatile, functional, and state-of-the-art spaces: 6 meeting rooms with a total capacity of up to 1,000 people. Additionally, we provide accommodation reservations for the guests and can organize group activities to ensure that everyone’s experience is truly unique.


FONTÁN40×20 m4.40mts4800900300400100 – 199$5,500.00
MICHOACÁN10×20 m4.40mts1150150100150200 a 400$11,000.00
GUERRERO10×20 m4.40mts1150150100150401 a 600$15,000.00
OAXACA10×20 m4.40mts1150150100150601 a 900$18,000.00
MORELOS14.90×11.40 m2.90mts210010060100